Do you use social media marketing in your business? Social media marketing is a reliable platform where you can have a lot of opportunities to grow your business everywhere. Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other social media that are helped you in your business growth.

Want you to improve your business in Instagram marketing?

Are you interested in getting the latest or advanced tools and tricks for Instagram marketing?

Instagram is a fast and easy self-growing social media platform, and business is ready to establish an attendance and encourage meeting on the set-up. Here we will share the very helpful Instagram tools for social media marketing that we get from the expertise person of social media and also help us in our business.

Instagram has opened up a lot of opportunities for brands to find new clientele and get their goods seen. The way to running Instagram ads and getting the visitor pressure are effective, but without the perfect tools, it can be hard-hitting to get the results that you would like. But we can help you to turbocharge your Instagram account with the top-quality toolkit of Instagram apps that will set your business on social media and constrain more clients to your online store.

Let’s get all in all apps into it.

Tools for Awesome Photos

VSCO – Free

Best Instagram Tools for Social Media Marketing that are vital and make your business more accessible and also increase your customers as many as your want.

Your Instagram wall is only as right or attractive as your photographs, so take the start with high-quality images that make your Instagram marketing more appealing and practical. The beautiful and good-looking photo must require time, but you can save your time and make a beautiful image of your product for Instagram within very short time by using VSCO app. It is Shopify app that is very efficient and helpful to make your products image for Instagram marketing.

It is available for both iOS and Android smartphone. You can brighten and enhance your products photos because it offers more features or editing tools and preset filters to make your photos more attractive and appealing. VSCO should be at the heart of every Instagram strategy. A huge library of filters is available for purchase and is also giving you a lot of method for modifying your photos and setting them separately from the pack.

2- Snapseed – Free

Shopify Snapeed App

Snapseed is another Shopify app that is best for photo editing. It offers you many beautiful features that make your photo more good-looking and charming. With this Instagram’s evasion filters edit your complete image at once. It lets you apply your possessions with a brush so that you can idealize the details of each photo.

Another great feature of Snapseed that letting you save groups of filters as a template and you can be applied to future pictures. By this, you can save your time, and it is giving you total nourish an honest look. It is available for Android and iOS.

Afterlight – $0.99 – $1.39

Shopify Afterlight App

Afterlight is an image editing app that boasts a default set of 74 different filters, 78 natural textures, and 128 frames, giving you a lot of different options for modification your photos right off the strike. Other than that app also includes 15 different tools for regulating and editing your photos until you get them just accurate. Its filters are fully adjustable and suitable for every type of photo.

Afterlight is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. With its shiny and easy design, it is evident and easy-to-use; also have tool for making your Instagram photos bright and attractive.

Boomerang – Free

Shopify Boomerang App

You can make your everyday moments more unexpected and funny with Boomerang app. Because you can make one or half minute little funny videos for Instagram marketing, then share them with your friends or followers.

OMG! It forces me crazy for super short GIFS that loop back and forth. Whereas it might sound a little impractical at first, the results are enjoyable and eye-catching. The impressive part of this app is that it requires little-to-on-thought to create something that looks great. Boomerang videos don’t necessitate a sound, dialogue or plot, and you simply need to imprison the video of a single moment and click share on your social media accounts.

Tools for Shoppable Instagram

Foursixty – $50 – $100 / Month

Shopify Foursixty

Foursixty is a great app that makes all of your Instagram images fully shoppable. You can complete it with links that attach the image of every product to its product page and implant your customers directly onto your online store. Your merchants can add products to their cart without having to go away your store’s gallery.

Other than that, it lets you integrate with Instagram feeds for specific products onto your individual product pages. Where your customers see a look of products in action and further get the suggestions for other related acquires. – $20 / Month

Shopify Like2Have

With you can create an embeddable Instagram feeds ready with links that drive customers directly to the product pages or site. It also makes you able to create embeddable photos of your current clients using your products. Your customers efficiently produce the feeds work well on merchandise page by giving shoppers some social proof. There are many of online stores that use Like2Have. It app for dedicated feed on their store.

Shopify Like2Have Buy

Showcase – Free – $29 / Month

Shopify Showcase

It is another Shopify app that is similar to the apps mentioned above, but it has little bit difference that makes it more admirable is its price point and its free option. Its free version allows you full customizable Instagram feed onto your online store which can give you tips how your customers make more purchasing decisions.

If you want to add product page link into an Instagram photo, you need to buy its premium version. Most online stores use Showcase app for Instagram. It is easy and safe to increase your customer’s growth onto your product store.

Tools for Measuring your Performance

Sprout Social – $59 – $500 / Month

Shopify Sproutsocial

It is an awesome social media platform where you can get the vast content scheduling and publishing tools too. It offers you an in-depth Instagram analytics, giving you access to comprehensive reports about how your latest posts have been performing arts.

With this, you will be able to track your customer’s engagement and compare the success of Instagram store’s account against the success of other accounts that you manage with same products. It also offers you tools for checking hashtags and comments, help you to find new chances for engagement. Stanford University, Zipcar, Bentley, and box, etc. are happy customers of Sprout Social.

Iconosquare – $28 – $499 / Month

Shopify Iconosquare

It is also an analytics platform that helps you to analysis your performance of your content on Instagram. It is the best way to track regular engagement data like followers and visitors, and also you get the detailed statistics about your followers including their place and social media authority.

With Iconosquare you can identify your unique visitors or fans and will be able to explore new ways to attract people to your product’s site.

The best feature Iconosquare offers the chance to compare own performance against your competitors. By this you get a better idea somewhere, you fit into your industry site.

Best Tools for Scheduling your Posts

Schedugram – $20 / Month

ScheduGram App

It is a scheduling platform that offers you a vast variety of helpful features, including web browser-based programming, for running very fast and efficient campaigns. With this, you can reduce your Instagram headaches.

The Schedugram browser-based scheduling comes with extensive photo editing features. It is an easy way to manage your Instagram accounts. It offers you many features that help you to promote your business on Instagram.

Schedugram Features

  • Web upload
  • Post now or schedule for later
  • Multiple accounts
  • Multiple users

Later – Premium plan start $19 / Month

Shopify Later

Later is a scheduling Instagram platform that is available for mobile, tablet and browser. You can use it efficiently and on different devices when you want. Usually, it is known as Latergramme. It comes with an assorted set of features for planning out your campaigns as well as the ability to see the sights hashtags and share.

It lets you organize your posts with a handy happy calendar and get an appetizer of your Instagram feed before issuing, making it simple to imagine accurately how your approach will clarify.

Hootsuite – Pro Plans Start $9.99 / Month

Shopify Hootsuite

It is a powerful social media platform where you can manage your business as you want. It is also best for schedule and publishes Instagram posts. Hoosuite earns its own name by reformation marketing for platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter; its social media organization takes one step further. It lets you schedule your Instagram posts in go forward, sending you a thrust notification when they are due to go live. When you are notified, you can go to the app to publish your post on Instagram.


Social media is a significant ground where you can find the many players that help them to your business growth or popularity, but Instagram is a major player on this field with more than 400 million users. It is not astonishing more, and more companies are starting to build an active presence on the platform. After reading this post, now you have right tools for your business growth in Instagram marketing. It is time to get out there and start taking your products amazing images that really shows the reality of your products.

Which tools are working well according to your business that we missed on the list? You can share with us in the comment box below.