Promoting your blog posts and content marketing both are essential for blog success – you can’t be ignored them.

Newbies bloggers make different mistakes but the most common mistake that almost all beginner bloggers make is:

“They focus on content writing quality, rather than promoting their blogs to grow their audiences.”

I don’t reject the importance of high-quality content writing, but you should be spending 20% of your time on your writing and remaining 80% spend on promoting your posts.

You know your content will never help you succeed in blogging if no one ever sees it.

Due to this, you need to know the market strategies to help you ‘how you can promote your blog.’ For your help, I will explore the top 4 blog promotion strategies which help you to succeed your blog.

Social media is not the only way where you promote your blog posts and get success.

I’ve personal experiences that I performed on a lot of article promotion strategies and learned the old fashioned way what does and doesn’t work.

If you want to find the strategies that promote your blog and give traffic in very short time, then you come to right place.

Let’s go and find the top 4 blog promotion strategies.

1- Maximize the Power of Social Media

Social media is the most important platform where you can spread your content or posts and get success on it. For the social media success you must do these things:

Get information where your audience hangs out

First of all, you totally understand your blog objectives and think where it gets readers. If you think you get more readers from the Facebook, then you manage your company Facebook page or community and make it attractive for people – however, people want to join it and like it.

If readers are hanging out on Twitter, then you spend more time on Twitter to writing great tweets and learning about the hashtags. You should try to spend your time on that social media platform, where you find more audiences related to your post.

Don’t waste your time to promoting yourself or blog posts where right people will not see you.

Write Engaging Posts for Specific Platforms

Learn about how to create a great Facebook post, a shareable pin, and viral tweet etc. and then optimizes your stakes for each social media floor.

If you share the same post across all the social media platforms, it has a bad impact on your blog, and you won’t get more traffic to blog. So, take the time to learn about the various platforms and how to use them successfully.

Add Beautiful Images According to Platforms

Add images according to the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) into the blog post you publish. If you have attractive social media posts with images, then you get noticed and shared a lot more than those without, so spend your time to make your promotion effective.

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2- Join Blogging Communities

Tons of communities planned to help you get more traffic on your blog. Every community works a little contrarily, but if you take time not only share your own posts but give your time to the community with real participation as well, you’ll get great results.

Facebook Groups

Many people use Facebook and join different groups not only for promoting their blog posts, but they build relationships with their readers or audience members as well.

Join Facebook groups related to your niche and got information about what your readers are interested in and like to participate in sharing filaments to get your posts seen.

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Pinterest Group Boards

Find the relevant Pinterest group boards and pin your blog posts regularly. Don’t pin all posts at once. Pin your posts throughout the week to different space and time. If you are looking for a board to join for blogging posts, request to accede to the Wear and Cheer Board.

3- Build Relationships with Influencers

The best way to increase your content views is to build associations with influencers who have readers larger than yours. You can build relationships with influencers by commenting on other blogs, guest posting and creating roundup posts.

Blog Commenting

Make a list of top 20 influencers you want to connect with and comment daily 2 or 4 blogs. Write an attractive and appealing comment that the influencers will notice.

By commenting on the high-rank blog you won’t only get help to build relationships with other people – they also get the helpfulness of other possible readers. So, try to write an official comment that is most related to the post and add your blog post link where it is fixed well.

Guest Posting

At the beginning of the blog you just write two posts on their blog each month, it is experienced tip, because they should be spending most of the time of their guest posting on other blogs.

Guest posts get you larger spectators. Once you have commented on an influencer’s blog, you can reach out and request them if you can guest post on their blog.

If you’ve blog related to SEO tips-and-tricks, marketing and affiliation then you can write a guest post on WFI. Other than that, if your blog is related to fashion or health, you write a guest post on WAC.

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Roundup Posts

To make a roundup post, select a question in your audiences have interest and ask for an answer in 300 words or less. Later put all of their answers into a post with links to the influencer’s blogs.

When you publish the post, send email all the participants – it is live now. Might be all or some of them will share it with their friends and colleagues or on social media. At this way, many people come to your blog and participate in your activities. You will be getting lots of people in front of you, otherwise, you wouldn’t access them.

4- Promote Old Posts

Most of the bloggers make a mistake they promote their post once after publishing and then letting them collect dust in their blog. They don’t promote them again at different times.

It is a big mistake.

When you are writing a post for attracting traffic to the blog and why not you use it as a generator to turn constant traffic on the blog. So, you think about and utilize this to get traffic onto blog.

Cross Link between Blog Posts

As you notice, I’ve published lots of posts in my blog and all posts are related to each other. By cross-link building, I want to make you able to find related post quickly and benefit from it.

When we add value to the post by using the cross-link, then we get more views on my other content as well. Cross-link building play significant roles to make your blog successful. Due to this, your old posts will be renewed, and people get benefits from them.

Repurpose your Content

If you published an article that got lots of views or attention and feedback, think about its repurposing and sharing on new platforms including social media and other platforms.

Create an infographic related to it or make a slide deck and share on SlideShare.

Promote your Old Posts on Social Media

You can get more value from your old posts by promoting on social media. There are lots of tools (Buffer, JustRetweet, Tailwind, and Doshare) you can use to loop to old pins on Edgar, Pinterest, and other platforms to generate a satisfied calendar that regularly gets shared and re-shared.

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  • Promote own and other’s content
  • Share your posts on blogging communities and social media
  • Use different tools for re-shared and shared posts regularly
  • Connect with influential bloggers
  • Keep writing high-quality content on your blog and other’s blog as a guest post.

If you want to increase your blog’s traffic and make it successful, take time on it and share your post every single day on social media. By using the tips mentioned above, you’ll have a successful blog within very short time.

What tips you use to promote your blog posts? Leave it in the below comment box.