I still remember that when the first time a brand asked me for sponsored post rates, I know what is sponsored post but I don’t how many $ people charged to sponsored post. At this time I searched for it and found many ways.

You don’t imagine when I get my first sponsored post I felt like I was floating on cloud seven because I never imaged that any brand wants to pay me to publish a post on my blog Wear And Cheer and in short you say WAC. But now, writing a sponsored post is one of the top ways I make money online with my fashion and style blog. My blog WAC is a great and excellent form of monetization in niches of fashion, style, horoscope, cooking, health, and business, etc.

At what future is, you most read several articles how to make money online via blogging. Today, you know a different way to make significant money. It is a sponsored articles and reviews.

Sponsored articles and reviews are one of the bright new ways in the content marketing world. This new shiny way open the doors for brands to become a part of everyday discussions with merchants on the platform they believe most of the education, marketing, business, entertainment, news and media outlets.

Typically, bloggers can earn money through different ways. They can get income from the affiliation programs (Shopify, amazon.com, Bluehost, and 99Designs.com). In this process, you need to wait till anybody buys anything through your affiliate link. A sponsored post and review, additionally allows you to make earn income in a single shot. Before reading the details about the sponsored post, you must check out these excellent posts.

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What is a Sponsored Post?

Sponsored post is a blog post when a blogger gets payment to publish an article written by bloggers or by the advertisers, but includes at least one contextual link. This article is known as a sponsored post, guest post and post with a link and perhaps many other names.

In accordance with FTC (Federal Trade Commission) rules and regulations you should mention that it is a sponsored blog post, typically at the end of the post with a byline such as:

“This blog post was sponsored by Adina.”

A Free Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts are becoming more extensive than a traditional text link in the sidebar or footer of a website. Might be, they’ll convince you it is free, but should not be. Sometimes any link you placed on your site, it is beneficial for someone. It is a most abused request for a free post because it is often offered benefit to you, the blog owner.

Mostly you get the email with the title “We are offering you quality free content, just includes this one link in the article.” Be careful because it is not a guest post. A guest post is a person but not from a company. For example, if you get an email from a business or individual’s personal email with no blog domain, it is sponsored post request.

Who Writes the Sponsored Post?

Usually, an article is provided to you, and you should be able to publish it as it is. However, as a blog owner, you decide who write the article that you publish on your blog. If your blog has own character and is always written according to your viewpoint. You probably want a sponsored post according to your voice.

A seller of sponsored post typically have no problem with this, but they emphasize a lot on SEO and famine to control the satisfied and titles. Also, know that you can charge more by writing it yourself since it wants more asset of time from you.

What is in a Sponsored Post?

Typically, sponsored post is not an article about the product. It is an article that follows your website keywords or categories and frequently in line with your dominant content, and that has one or two links in it.

If you write a fashion blog, suppose the article to be about fashion. Often you can request the article’s topic. The follow links in the articles are there for an SEO benefit to those sites.

How to Get Sponsored Reviews and Make Money

Create a beautiful blog design

Create a beautiful blog with targeted niche or merchants. Due to this way you can earn money with a single sponsored post. If your blog is not well-designed, please spend some more time on it and make it beautiful with a professional appearance. For blog creation, you can get help from these posts.

Most important points that you must keep in mind: make sure you have a beautiful logo, and your sidebar has significant elements such as a Facebook “like” box, subscription box, recent post, most recent post and other features which increase your blog’s personality.

How to Create a Successful Blog Strategy

Sponsored Blog Post Rate Recommendations

Lately, I have seen different price charts for sponsored blog posts. That was a lot more than I think. They are way too low and origin bloggers to underprice them. Due to that, I want to fill you in about sponsorships.

The sponsored rate calculation are based on sophisticated algorithms where you add your monthly page views to your number of Twitter followers. And Facebook likes, divided it by your Google page rank and so on. Even the website algorithm doesn’t work properly because you always get paid more, but not less. The raised your Google Page Rank is, and unique blogger doesn’t get a Page Rank anymore.

Sponsored Post Calculation

Phew! You should get the highest of the following:

  • According to above algorithm, I should charge about $70 per sponsored blog post including doing monitor the link on getting in the Wear and Cheer. Luckily, WAC offers 50% discount on sponsored posts, nowadays (25th September to 15th October 2016).

Final Word on Sponsored Blog Posts

Charged more prices for sponsored posts and supplying better quality content for readers, bloggers, and advertisers including you and me. Keep in mind, and a sponsored post is a personal recommendation from you or from a real person your readers trust and know them.

Try to sell your reader or yourselves, not in cheap rate because everybody knows quality takes time but doesn’t come inexpensively. Your work, time and recommendation are valuable, and it is rate paying for.