Nothing is more painful for a blogger they writing content week after week, but when they check out their blog stats only a few people engaged with their blog.

No doubt, blogging takes time, and you are a blogger!

Likely, you have heard from the many sources that tell you about blogging how vital and beneficial. It is an effective marketing strategy.

You’ve been writing and publishing a post for a couple of weeks now and waiting, where are your readers?

According to the movie “Field of Dreams”:

“If you built it, they will come.”

So why are not readers coming?

Don’t worry, because it is not a cricket game or movie, but fortunately, no one entirely knows how it works.

You’re not the single person that faces such type of problem; there are lots of people who are worried about this issue.

I know you are disappointed but trust me and read on to discover 8 Reasons Nobody Reads your Blog Posts.

So if you are sitting there wondering, “Where in the heck are all the readers.” Continue… this post is for you.

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8 Reasons Nobody Reads your Blog Posts

1- Your Topic is not Related to your Audience

Everybody loves their business and you too. But this is a thing where most bloggers go wrong or not decide the right way that describes their blog sincerely and appealingly.

If you are trying to reach future subscribers and customers, bear in mind, these people don’t care about your business or even your office Holidays or Christmas party. Other than that, they don’t care about your new services and products, etc. because they have never bought from you before or even after. Appealing new customers and subscribers mean you are attracting new people who do not know you before.

You need to attract strangers – that kind of strangers who likely have an interest in your blog or business, maybe become clients.

For instance, you are the owner of the company that sells bridal dresses. Your ideal customers might be people who are 25-35 years old and earn money at least 50-60k per year.

How do you attract them? What are their interest, needs, desires, passions, and fears?

Keep these questions in your mind, at the time, when you are picking a blog topic. So, you can write a blog about the bridal dresses design ideas, date night ideas, how you can make the great relationship or how you get bedroom adventurous, etc.

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Beneficial Tips:

  • Find your blogging competitors and see what are they writing?
  • Use language that suits your beset demographic.
  • Measure the prior blog success by using Google Analytics. See, which topics incline to vibrate with your audience?

2- Your Blog Unappealing

Unappealing Blog

We are visual creatures and love beautiful things. Always try to hook by lovely things. That is the reason why ugly sites don’t retain visitors or neither obnoxious blog posts.

If you don’t add beautiful images in your blog post, you lose the risk of reader’s attention. Photographs are vital if you are posting long with compelling content.

Remember, no one wants to gaze at the wall of open material 2,000 words long.

Most bloggers try to create their photo if you are not doing this yourself you can purchase stock photos online. There are a lot of photos stock where you can select photos related to your business.

It is better if you can find the something original for your blog.

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Beneficial Tips:

  • Find the unusual stock photo libraries like Unplash or Behance
  • Hire a photography student who creates beautiful photos for your blog

3- You are not Promoting Your Blog

If no one knows your blog, indeed you have created an excellent, appealing blog that is filled with relevant and exciting blog contents. What can you do? Or how do you build up an audience?

There is no point in blogging if you are not promoting you blog posts. The most powerful tools where you can promote your blog posts are social media networks.

Social media platforms are the best ways of reaching your blog posts to millions of new readers. The great benefits of social media sharing are that you get the targeting ideals audience.

Make you company pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and share your blog posts on your business pages. If you add social media sharing button on your each blog post it is better because it makes sharing easy for readers on own social accounts.

Social Media

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Beneficial Tips:

  • Don’t share recent blog post only on social media – share again and again your best evergreen posts.
  • Try to makes the relationship with your blog followers.
  • Invest in Facebook boosted and advertising posts.

4- Your Blog is not SEO Elevated

Search Engine Optimization is the breathtaking source for every blog. Most people want to see their post at the first page of Google RERPs (Research Engine Result Pages) because they know the 2nd page of Google is a dead wasteland, where no-one dares to walk.

95% people won’t do this.

If your blog post comes in the first 1 or 2 Google organic search results pages, it’s mean you hit the SEO jackpot.

Almost all bloggers trying for great SEO ranking, but they quickly make some common mistakes like Meta description, alt image tags, and title tags. The most serious error is founding your blog topics on over-saturated keywords.

You can get help from the keyword analytics tools. Luckily, there are plenty of helpful online sources where you can get a start.

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Beneficial Tips:

  • Use Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and Moz Keyword Explorer.
  • Long tail keywords are the best because they give you a chance of beating the competition.
  • Use good SEO plugins that optimize your blog well.

LSI Keywords

5- Your Copywriting is Boring

Quality content starts with quality writing.

Quality writing needs to have the basics down pat. In these basics down pat, we are talking about the spelling mistakes, grammar, and clarity of sentences. Some fresh graduates can’t leave the habit of using long rambling sentences and showing off their vocabulary.

If you are using strong words, you need to stop it because no one wants to read a blog that sounds like a tertiary assignment.

If you create a fascinating topic, but you are not the real writer, then hiring an editor.

Even if you have rock-hard writing skills and don’t need a full-time editor, but make sure you have someone proof everything you publish because everyone makes some mistakes.

Maybe your work is just plain annoying. And good writers know that how can engage own readers. They use metaphors, humor, vivid imagery and emotive words.

If your content lacks all of these things, then your blog is pretty dull.

Bear in mind; you can improve your written techniques. Because of not everyone naturally a Shakespeare. Becoming an awesome blog writer is often simplify familiar and witty, tell stories in human sound.

Copywriting Boring

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Beneficial Tips:

  • Cut long sentences into two sentences.
  • Add strong word for best impact
  • Write in friendly sound

6- You are not Publishing Frequently Content

You know, your blog posts consistency can have the impact on your search traffic and also some subscribers. If you published post 3-4 within a week, it is a good starting point and also helps to increase your traffic on the blog.

If you are a business owner, then you don’t have enough time to bash at the keyword continuously. Writing is a time taking effort and how you can write quality content when you have million other things to think?

Find the time for writing because it is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Add blog writing in your time management systems because it is a high priority task for you.

Make sure you have some free hours a week to get your creative writing fluids smooth.

The companies that bullish 15 or more blog posts per month get 5X more traffic that doesn’t publish at all. In simple words, the average company will see 43% growth in traffic when increasing total blog articles from 12-20 to 21-50.

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Beneficial Tips:

  • In your free time, make a list of evergreen content ideas or topics
  • Make blogging schedule when you can write quickly.

7- Your Blog or Site is not Mobile Friendly

Mobile is a very common thing that every young and senior citizen utilized. Our young generation is insanely mobile and has the mobile with them everywhere they go. The answers to every life questions are at our fingerprints. It is possible due to the smartphone and the internet.

According to the Google recent announcement, half of Google searches come from mobile devices.

So, if your blog is not mobile friendly it is not good to get more traffic, and you were directly missing 50% traffic. And it is worst for you.

More… if your site is not mobile, friendly Google may punish you by dropping its search engine ranking.

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Beneficial Tips:

  • Use Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing tool and check your site or blog is mobile friendly or not.
  • You can use different plugin and templates for mobile friendly locations.

8- Your Headlines Don’t Cut It

We live in a strange and unbelievable time, where people are full of exciting, agreeable content every time they blast from their laptop or computer. But your audiences see the headlines.

According to various tricks, headline is the most vital part of your articles.

It is what sells you on social media, in your newsletters, and search engines. Selection of great headline is no easy achievement and can be thought-provoking for even the most qualified blogger.

Beneficial Tips:

  • Try to describe clearly what the reader will learn.
  • Write with emotive language
  • Keep one sentence under 70 characters
  • Put your life-threatening keywords at the starting


It is reality creating quality content takes time. It is hard work to make a blog successful. If you follow the outlines as mentioned earlier, you’ll get the success gradually.

If you have other reasons that make your blog successful, please share with us or audience. I’ll love it and add them in the post with your name.