Can you guess? How much amount YouTubers can earn from YouTube channel?

No doubt, you probably heard different people stories that earn money from YouTube and thought how they do this.

YouTube is a big business platform, but you heard people earn 7 or 8 digits money easily because it is not realistic. Might be you can earn money quickly, especially if you have strong subscribers.

How much money do you want to earn from YouTube?

You know YouTube has paid out $2 billion to content investors and rights holders that have engaged the proper steps to privilege their part of the earnings. So, if you want to join their ranks, then continue reading.

Who Can Make Money On YouTube?

As above mentioned YouTube just pays for content creators. It is good news for you because you want to earn money from YouTube. Video creators get anything with their videos and video attraction not only for views but it also views that are willing to engage with the ads.

If people engaged with your videos and checking your ads, you will not pay anything until your account reaches $100. Unless you become the famous on the YouTube very speedily, you should suppose that to take a little bit.

Those people are popular on YouTube channel can reach the point of earning multi-hundred on the website. There are few who reach this point. Billions or trillions of videos are on the platform, that’s why your struggle is pretty aggressive.

So be care full about your future and don’t leave your job for YouTube. If your novice to create video and want the own channel that can start to pay on, takes these simple and proper steps that make it conceivable to get paid by YouTube.

If you finally decide to build own YouTube channel for money making, here are 7 simple guidelines that help you How to Earn Money from YouTube. Go ahead!

1# Set Up Your YouTube Channel

Your YouTube channel is your personal existence account same as Google account. If you already don’t have personal YouTube channel you can create it by using Google account, that will award you access to other Google products like Drive and Gmail, etc.

Earn Money from YouTube SignIn

  • Open YouTube with your Google account
  • Click on the bar side
  • Click on my channel
  • A box will appear with your name decorated.
  • Complete your channel with your personal information

2# Create Your Video Plan

In this step, you need to make a plan about the videos that you are going to upload. If you really want to earn money, engagement of people and gain more subscribers sooner, and then you should be following those people like your videos more and subscribes you as well as they come again and again to your channel for latest videos.

For good video plan you need to do these things:

  • You understand the mental level of the people they want after come to your channel.
  • Make a list of those brainstorm topics that attract the audience more.
  • Create a schedule for your videos.

Video plan might time consuming process because in this process you add some most famous videos in your channel and see people’s respond. You don’t try to create same content as your competitors are doing, but you try something different that make your visitors happy and encourage them to subscribe your channel.

3# Facilitate Monetization

Now click on the account icon in the top right corner of the sidebar, then click on the button ‘Creator Studio.’

Earn Money from YouTube Create Studio


And in the left sidebar of menu bar click on the channel, then select the ‘status and features’ in the submenu of channel opens up.

Now you’ll see the button of ‘enable monetization’ and precede it.

Earn Money from YouTube Channel

4# Sign Up For Google AdSense

After enabled monetization of your YouTube channel, you’ll see it in the menu bar. Now click on monetization option, and it will take you to page where you can start the process of setting up your Google AdSense account that you already have.

Now, just click on the next button and follow the instructions to maintain your account.

For AdSense new account you must be 18 years or older. If you are younger than you’ll need an adult to help you. You either need a PayPal or valid bank account and mailing address as well as other information.

After that, AdSense can verify who you are and who to send the money. You only earn money Per Ad Click and little bit amount per view.

5- Start Uploading Videos

The original work starts now, and it is the hard to part of your this process. Create video according to your plan that you decide already and start uploading them to the channel.

Earn Money from YouTube Upload

Your video content must be pretty and understandable plus appeal people to your channel. If your content is not great first time, keep at it because practice makes perfect. Try to make each video better than the last.

You can improve the content of your videos by using the better camera or editing software/techniques.

Add daily content on your channel that interacts people to your video. Maintain your schedule as much as possible. Make sure to upload videos with keywords and description that adequately described your video.

6- Promote Your Videos

When you upload your videos on your channel people, don’t come automatically to looking for your videos. Research is the best way for optimizing your video for search. That’s why people easily find you.

Apart from that, share your videos on social media networks. Tell your friends and family members who have the interest in your work. If people like it then your subscriber’s list must be up. During this time, you need to put your videos on different places and put some real effort into triumph your videos in front of people.

Send your videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

7# Keep An Eye on Your Analytics

Once you add some videos online, monetized and being viewed, then you can be able to see the analytics performing of your channel. Just click on analytics option in your menu bar lift side.

Earn Money from YouTube Analytics

With your analytics results, you figure out which types of videos get more views or engagement. In the analytics tool, you can see estimated earnings, ad performance, demographics, video views and much more.

If you find any video which is not appealing people, you can change your content according to audience demands.