Social media sites like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook are very common sites that everybody use and also the big source to attract the people and grow the audience on a website. Every traditional business owner knows the power of social media on an eCommerce site or shop where the sale is the end goal.

For the best sale’s increment the social media and your shop online store must have a good connection together, so don’t miss out any interaction or sale. All eCommerce customers should be alert of the power of social media.

Social media works very well with blogging, but social media and e-commerce shop are not worked well together. In the modern world, many eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, etc. offers different apps or source to connect your online shop with your social media sites. You can visit the Shopify App Store where you can find the more helpful and useful apps that increase your sale or visitors.

F-Commerce stands for Facebook commerce that you can use as Facebook online storefronts. Through this, you can increase your sale by getting users that share your products as much than attainment blog readers to share an interesting post with their friends, colleagues, and followers.

Don’t misunderstand, and you should not just using social media to increase your income or business growth but also work on your e-commerce site. In reality, some ways are explored that integrated your e-commerce sites with social media, but the blow is top 8 ways to integrate social media with E-commerce shop.

Shopify is an awesome e-commerce platform where you can build your online shop easy. It also provides you different beneficial apps that make your social media to E-commerce site connection easier. Many Shopify apps for integrating your e-commerce site to Instagram or other social media sites. You can see all best Instagram tools for social media marketing and add in your online shop.

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1- Allow Social Media Logins

The major thing that you can do to integrate your e-commerce site with social media is to permit your visitors or merchants to log in by using own social media profiles. Might be it is a minor issue, but many visitors including me will like or prefer not being forced into creating the new account at your site and such as logging becomes much easier for them.

If you allow this login process, you get the more beneficial, and your visitors also be happy because if they want to share your products or services with friends and colleagues, they can easily do that.

Different e-commerce sites offer various apps for social media connectivity to your online shop. If you are the user of Shopify online store, then you can use the Social Login App to allow visitors to log in using profiles at Google+, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc.

2- Add Social Photos

This way play a significant role to promote your site also increases your sale because with this you can allow your visitors to share your post with friends and colleagues. This way is beneficial for certain types of business or industry, like fashion, accessories, and clothing, etc. You can easily integrate your products photos from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and other social media networks to get your users intricate socially.

Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce users have certain types of app that will help them to add such type of functionality. Shopify offers Social Photos ($9.99/month) with this you can create galleries on your product pages that will be populated by merchant photos and videos from Instagram. Other than that, you can also customize a gallery anywhere on your product page.

You will create the hashtag, and your merchants can also use the hashtag to add photos to your products galleries. You have the authority to delete or approve the pictures. Integration ($10/month) and TagTray (free-$79/month) are others Shopify app that you can use for the integration to your sites with Instagram images and also integrate your sites with Facebook and Twitter. Your visitors can easily upload photos directly with TagTray.

WooCommerce also offers a WooCommerce Instagram ($29) plugin for this purpose.

3- Encourage Social Sharing

Usually, sharing is common in the blog post, but not standard on product pages, and it has a determination for e-commerce websites. When people visit your site and share your product pages with their friends and colleagues through social media profiles your sale automatically increased. It gives you visitors and also giving you products reviews and sales.

Most e-commerce platforms offer different apps for social sharing buttons and widgets. Shopify is a big e-commerce platform, and it offers AddThis app for social sharing, and it is free. Other than that, many others apps that integrate some social sharing. Another app that Shopify introduced for the social sharing is the Friendly Customer Referral Platform (free – $250/month). Through this app, you can give referral inducements to your merchants.

Shopify invents the Beetailer Social Widget that is free and helps them your visitors to share and comment on your products on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc. Other than Shopify BigCommerce is also offer Friendbuy Social Sharing Optimization ($25/month) and AddShoppers plugin for the social sharing.

4- Promote your Products

The more beneficial way for your business is that when your visitors share your products through social networks. Additionally, it is more important you are sharing your products over your own company social profiles. The great and loyal social media followers have the big impact on sales. They can also increase your profits.

Shopify powers ShopifySocial app that you can get only $9.99/month for the social sharing on autopilot. It is the very excellent app that automatically promotes your new products on social media and also gives the feedback. Auto tweet is the 2nd more helpful Shopify app that shares your products via Twitter. You can get this app only $4.99/month.

5- Attract Followers and Fans

Social media is a big platform where you can attract people easily. If you want to increase your sale and products review, you’ll need to attract new followers and fans on your social media profiles. You will need to make your profile more attractive and beautiful. You don’t try to cover all social media because there are too many, and you don’t cover all, so please focus on some major that are more popular with your target audience.

For example, if your website is sold accessories or clothes you’ll need to be active on Facebook and make more followers there. Shopify offers some apps that help you to integrate your site with different social networks.

6- F-Commerce

F-Commerce is an eCommerce that you can do on Facebook. Facebook is a significant source of commerce because a lot of companies having large followings on Facebook. The followers can also be affected by the sales. Many ways that help you to set-up your F-Commerce with different e-commerce platforms.

Various eCommerce sites powered by Shopify can use the Beetailer Social Commerce Platform and Facebook Store apps. Both are free and best for Facebook sell. Your followers easily share your products with friends and colleagues due to these apps.

The social shop app is the free app that introduced BigCommerce, and you can use it for Facebook sale. If WooCommerce powers your shops, then you can use the StoreYa Plugin for the F-Commerce.

7- Social Reviews and Testimonials

Social reviews and testimonial are very vital for the super sale. Social media is the best way to integrate your products reviews and testimonials into your site. Reviews and testimonials have the major impact on your site, but when social media testimony and reviews are integrated, it can become more powerful because positive reviews and testimonials will increase your sales more.

The Shopify e-commerce site can use the free Kudobuzz Testimonials and Reviews app that collect and display testimonials on your site from the social media pages. Due to this app, your merchants will leave a review after purchase. And it includes Google fatty scraps coding to display review info on the search engine results from pages.

Social Interface is another Shopify app that you can get $19.95/month. An automatic email will send to the customer to remind them to leave a review. Yotpo is another Shopify app (free – $30/month) that stimuli merchants to leave reviews of your products. With this app, you can share reviews via social networks.

BigCommerce and WooCommerce are also used Yotpo for the social networks reviews and testimonials. WooCommerce is also offered a social Reviews Engine ($77). Through this, you and your followers share reviews via social media.

8- Facebook Ads

There are many ways to advertised on social networks. However, many e-commerce sites earn profit to promote their products on Facebook. Facebook offers different advertising options and also help you to accomplish ads on Facebook.

Sites powered by Shopify can use the Facebook Ads by Yahoo for the deal with Facebook advertising. It helps you to set up movements and keeps your ads fresh to brand them convincing, including reports and analytics detailed. This app is also available for BigCommerce. Another Shopify app that helps you to advertise your products on Facebook is Funny. It optimizes your ad operations and handles the targeting of your ads.

What is your Experience?

If you have the own e-commerce site or run a client site. You must use any app for social media networking. What do you for the social media integration? Which is the best way you use to promote your products on social media? Do you have different tips about methods that have worked well for the integration of social media? So, please share with us through the comment box.