If you are doing a job but not satisfied with it and want to run a successful blog, it is the best decision. Blogging is an amazing thing which you can start quickly without money, but you can earn money too. There are a lot of reason blogging much better than job.

But, over the years I’ve been working online, and I realized that a lot of the real profits of blogging are overlooked by many. Blogging is the best and fast way to earn money online. One of the primary reason to start blogging might be money, but what will encourage you for years to come will possibly be something else.

Blogging Much Better As Compared To Any Job

It is better to know that what you’re getting or you’ll get through blogging. Today, I’m sharing my experience why I love blogging. Here is a list that motivates you to keep working on your blog and online dream, even when it is going tough.

1- Earn Money However Much You Want

When you was working or doing the job for a living then you realized this after a year a small pay rise. It was the same and no matter where you worked or what type of worked. Even, if we had been employed harder, I would still get more than a few percent increments. This happens just in the works area.

With blogging or online earning ways, the control is all yours. You do work for longer hours or smarter and harder or not. You can earn money in big numbers.

And if you can’t handle your blog and want some help, no one is preventing you from making even more as compared to earlier income. It totally depends on you, what you earn, and what your income will be.

2- Different Ways To Earn Money

When you start a blog, you automatically write blog posts. But if you want to make somber money with your blog, you’ll have to expand your income rivers. In this way, you also face many challenges and changes. So, you should be adapting fast. But the advantages are huge.

With this, you will never get bored, and you are free to select what you focus on most. One thing you should keep in mind, no one tells you what the right direction of your company or it is going on right platform or not. That is entirely up to you.

Other than that, you can earn money more from online teaching what you know about it. If you love teaching, go for it. This you can do through an own blog or by using other people blogs or services. For this selling your knowledge you can also get help to other small businesses that work with WordPress, social media and any network which you like. The internet world is in your control when you are a blogger. Below is some money making through blogging posts, read them might be helpful for you:

3- Blogging Never Gets Boring

Yes, you are entirely free to select what and when you want to do. Is it cool?

But you’ll learn a lot of new things that you’ve never learned before. Blogging requires some skills that you must learn about them that will develop your mind. Here is a list of competencies you need to learn:

However, the things I need to learn and concentrates are never ended. In fact, as your blog develops and what you are functioning on changes, the list of services you need to have grows and changes.

 4- You Can Work Anywhere and Anytime

You start work when you get up, after one hour or one minute, etc. similar to this, you can stop your job when you want. As a blogger, I take a break when I want and go for shopping or gym and start again work whenever I feel like it.

And this will I do from my home. If you are a blogger, then you must know. Freedom is the major and first thing that comes to mind about eliminating your attachment to a job to a blog. It will make you able to work at home or anywhere you want to like.

You are working when you are on the road traveling or visiting with family in the different country. It doesn’t matter; your laptop is in your office.

Blogging makes your life easier when you have family or dog that needs walking every day.

5- People You Meet Are Amazing

When you are doing that thing which you love more, then you can easily attract like-minded people. This is not the only major thing of blogging and working independently.

If I share my experience, you imagine my whole look has changed and also my circle of friends. I totally engaged with those people who understand who I think and what I do. But when I was at my job, it was totally opposite. It is a reality when you do what you love, and your life will be totally changed.

Final Thought about Blogging

Blogging is the best game to make some money online from your home at any time. With this, you can do what you famine, when you want and with adequate income that you want. You don’t bore doing the same thing. You can also share your experience with our readers through comment box.