Online products sell is a significant source of earn money. There are a lot of sources that offer you different services for selling your products without any bulky e-commerce platforms. The Internet world is a colossal and advance world where you can sell everything which you want to sell. This also provides you a lot of waysSell Digital Products Online.

But here we discuss digital goods or products. How you can sell digital products online. You want to sell your digital goods online for this you don’t have the need to deal with bulky e-commerce software. These products require even more simplicity because you don’t essentially need the various features to get photos, videos, and books, etc. up in the internet world and selling other people.

Let’s say you have digital goods and you are searching the very simplest and fastest way to start selling them – making money. Multi-hundred amazing e-commerce platforms are available, but which one is the best and easiest for digital goods we explore these in top 5 Best Ways To Sell Digital Products Online.

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1- Sellfy

Sellfy is a great path for people to sell your own stuff as well as a place to find great content. It is very simple and works great because you don’t possess to waste your wealthy time to upload your content and designing your platform.

“So easy to use…”

It is incredibly easy and uncomplicated for online selling; there is no irritation and your products just get a few minutes to set up.  You can quickly open a beautiful storefront and enjoy the promotion of your digital goods through a customizable store and product pages, which will look good on mobile devices and desktop.

The designs are too clear, and you can understand or see who’s buying your products and how they found out about your store.

What are the fees?

For every transaction between 5 and 2 percent based on your monthly plan and free to $250.

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2- Gumroad

Gumroad is a great frontrunner for selling digital goods online. Other than that, its creation is breathtaking for creative people who want to sell their digital products. At this platform, you can sell your video, book, music, comic books, software and more.

Its setup is very simple. You get started in seconds, and you know what goes into upward your business in immediate. It also provides you the best customers’ management system. You can easily refund your issues and solve them.

You build a good relationship with your customers and respond them like never before. Big time artists those sell their products or services with Gumroad are Nathan Barry, Krissy Mae Cagney, and Eminem. You can easily link up your bank account and transfer money with just a few clicks.

What are the fees?

5 % + 25 cents per transaction

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3- Shopify and Digital Download

An additional app ‘Digital Download’ developed by Shopify has started the selling work of your digital products through the system. Shopify’s Digital Download is the most versatile, feature-packed, e-commerce tool that you found for selling your digital products. It is not different at all.

Through this, your customers get access to the digital goods immediately. You can even send the products updates to those people who have previously purchased. This app is specially developed for digital products selling.

It is free and easy to use that allows you to offer digital products in your Shopify store. It also allows you to upload files as products in the warehouse.

What are the fees?

The regular Shopify payment processing fees are started at $14 per month.

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4- WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a very famous online shop. Most people who work online are familiar with it. It is the very robust platform that offers you everything that you require to start making money online.

Similarly, it is one of the larger platforms that provide digital goods sell opportunity. It is essentially for people who are familiar with the WooCommerce systems or setup. Because it is very easy and just take a few click to activate the features that help you sell digital goods.

It offers you sell different options such as music, videos, and eBooks. The order process is very easy and simple, where the customers just buy the product. When they get the products, you receive the money in your account.

What are the fees?

Licenses fees from $49 to $149 and payment processing fees depending on which one you choose.

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5- SendOwl

SendOwl is a platform to sell digital products. It offers you a straightforward and secure way to sell. SendOwl provides the different language options so that you can sell your products all around the world. All it takes a simple button that you can add on your site, social site or blog.

The coolest part of SendOwl is that it doesn’t take a cut of your digital products sales. It actively judges that all of your sales should go to you while there is a small monthly fee. It doesn’t hold your payments for any amount of time, so your money transfers to your account quickly.

What are the fees?

It has 49 to $39 per month fee.

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Wrapping Up

Let us know about the above- mentioned platforms for selling digital products online, which is suitable for your goods and have experience of sell with them. Share your thought with us and other members who want to sell their products and confuse which platform is best. Well! I’m sure anybody doesn’t have any confusion after reading this. If you have any question in your mind about the above option, you can share it.