Today, social media is a big market. People are using it as an earning platform. Well, all social media is good to earn money online. But Facebook is very well-known today for this purpose. There are some questions most people have how to Make Money From Facebook and want their answers.

Most people are searching for how to earn money from Facebook?

How to make extra income from Facebook?

And How to use Facebook as a revenue source?

Facebook is a big community and has a lot of opportunities for earning. You really want to make money through Facebook. You come at the right place, and this post is just for you. I promise, after reading the full article, you will be able to make money from Facebook without the blog.

Facebook is a second world largest brand after Google. It has 2 billion daily active users into the entire world. You can imagine how much people are using this social media to connect with their friends. No doubt, Facebook is a great place to market for any product.

If you want to make the market for your product, then you must need to take some decent step otherwise, you will not make it sell and not earn money. If you have blogged, it is magnificent. Today, I disclose the 7 ways to make money from Facebook without a blog.

Those steps are:

  • First, create a Facebook page.
  • Collect a huge number of like on the page.
  • Make your page very active like a celebrity page.
  • Regularly work on and add real images, content, and videos.
  • Obtain 5 thousand likes on the page then start a business.

7 Ways To Make Money From Facebook

1- Sell Your eBook or Video on Facebook

If you have own products like eBook, video, or such type of software that you can sell online via your Facebook page. For your products sell encouragement you can update products related again and again in various ways on your page.

For example, if your Facebook page is related to eBook or education, then share eBook similar products not Software related.

Useful tips to increase your product sell,

  • Sell your product relevant product.
  • Sell highly demanding product.
  • Offer high discount.

Note: Repeat these three steps again and again for getting maximum sell.

2- Sell Affiliate Product on Facebook

If you have not owned product still, you can make money from Facebook. How? An easy way is that you sell product other people. A lot of networks are available that offer affiliation program of different products.

Just join the good affiliate network that is related to your page or has you interest and thinks you can sell their products quickly. When you share their products on your page and anybody, click on this product and purchase it you will get a handsome commission from them.

Useful tips to increase your affiliate sell,

  • Read reviews any affiliate program before joining.
  • Sell hosted products for users
  • Offer discount coupon
  • Sell low price products for better result

There are some affiliate programs reviews, their products you can sell on your Facebook page or account.

3- Create A Facebook Application

The third way to earn money is that, if you have some know-how about PHP or other software developing language, you have the chance to impassive income. Such as you can develop a Facebook application or game and make money. For this purpose, you need to develop an attractive and useful game or application for users. Then:

You can earn money from this by following these tips.

  • You can sell it and make money
  • Add donate button in the app
  • Show ad inside the app.

4- Use Facebook Marketplace and Sell Your Own Product

It is another source of impassive income. On Facebook Marketplace, you can merchandise your products, or buy different things and even you can rent anything from the marketplace. If you have one room free where nobody is living, you can rent it and earn money.

The most exciting thing of this marketplace is that. It offers a lot of stuff totally free by the companies. They are offering free because they want your feedback just, and most importantly they want more and more customers.

If you don’t have own goods, you can earn money by selling posts on your fan page.

Useful tips to make money on Facebook fan page:

  • Sign up with and ensure that you have minimum 1000 likes on your fan page.
  • Add your page to and confirm you’re owner of this page.
  • Set a reasonable price per post for your fan page and confirm which amount you add it is right.

5- Referral Program

In this program, you will do work on PTC program. PTC is a pay to click program that gives you money by visiting a site, doing a survey, read an email and much more. If you refer this program to another person, you will get up to 50% discount. So, you can bestow your referral link on your Facebook account or page which indirectly makes money for you.


6- Sponsor Post

If you have an enormous number of fans on your Facebook page, you might be offer for sponsor post. Its means you will obtain paid sharing other posts on your Facebook page.

7- Expand Your Business Through Facebook

As a blogger, you have some advertisement for your site and have the plan to earn money from them, but you didn’t make money as you want. In this situation, you need to add an ingredient of social media referral visitors.

Facebook is the best place to get the more visitors and earn money to the ads. You share your post on your Facebook page then you see the change.

Wrapping Up

These are the ways of make money from Facebook. But it is not too easy, for this, you have to make your page a brand then see you make hundred dollars from it quickly. Keep your hard work you will definitely obtain your goal.

If you make money on Facebook by using another way, you can share with us and help other people. If you should use one of the highways for money making, we’re here to help. Share this post with friends and colleagues. Thanks!