Think! Do you want an organic traffic storm on your website? If you want, then clean the cover of this secret. The secret to getting organic traffic is using long tail keywords according to Google current strategy.

Today, I will explore the best free keyword research tools 2016 through this you can find the ones that will bring you loads of search traffic.

There are a lot of keyword search tools that help you to come up with the right long tail keywords that have buyer target and well-mannered searches per month.

In this secret post, I will explore the some best keyword search tools 2016 that help you to increase your traffic and also boost your research traffic. A few years ago, keywords research was much easier, people just the see the Google Analytics result and judge which term people found more on your site. That is no longer probable. Now trends are changed, and some advanced tools are available in the market which can make your keyword search much easier.

So let’s move…

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1- Google Keyword Planner (FREE)

It is most well-organized and popular keyword search tools and a part of the Google AdWords. Google keyword planner is a tool that almost everyone newbie, blogger and experienced in SEO used it to find out the related keywords along with their search measure.

It was created for the AdWords users however they search the keyword that helps to generate the traffic to the sites. You can also use it for searching tons of keywords those are related to your searches per month.

How it works.

First, you log in with your Google account. And at the next page, you can enter your demanding keyword and customize your filters for the resultant keywords. It offers a vast range of keywords sorts like language, negative keywords, and location, etc. You can see in below figure.

Pros of Google Keyword Planner

  • Most used the keyword tool that gives you a large range of related keywords.
  • You can get ad groups ideas based on your search that is related to your services, landing page or various product categories.

Cons of Google Keyword Planner

  • It is generally built for advertisers, so it has little to do with keyword competitiveness for publishers.
  • You may not find a unique keyword according to your targeting market.

2- (FREE)

You should be used when you want to get the multi-hundred log tail keywords for your demanded keyword. This tool gives you the keywords based on Yahoo, Google, and Bing and Apple app store free. It provides a large number of keywords that would you never see later. It is very easy, and good keyword search tool must try it.

How it works.

Keyword tool uses Google’s auto entire and undersuggest’s letter adding together features to pull out such enormous keyword multiplicity. Adding alphabets to the start and end of your kernel keywords gives a natural keyword supply that can be used in your blog posts.

One of the key features of this tool is that it shows the questions that can be created using your beginning keyword. Thus, you can directly use these issues in creating new blog posts that will give you organic traffic.

It is free for only keywords if you want to check the search volume, competition and CPC then you have to pay. For beginners, the free version is sufficient to give you long keyword rests for your keyword research projects.

Pros of

  • It displays an enormous number of associated keywords.
  • You can use these keywords in your post as LSI keywords.

Cons of

  • Its free version has very less information to investigate the keyword competitiveness.
  • You can’t get the information of PPC or search volume in the free version.

3- UberSuggest (FREE)

UberSuggest is another long tail keyword search tool that gives you enough keywords by just seed keywords to the end of the query. This offers you too many keywords that can be used or helpful to your niche market or blog.

It is very helpful for you if you have writer’s block too. You can use this tool to get lots of blog posts ideas that will use later in your blog creativities.

How it works.

UberSuggest operates on the role of the Google autosuggest. It appends letters alphabetically to your stone keywords and later you can find all keywords that come with the same letter set.

This keyword search tool does not give you any idea about the monthly search about the finding keywords.

Pros of UberSuggest

  • Gets the huge number of keywords that can be additional researched by hit off on the plus sign near it.
  • It is incredibly easy and straightforward to use.
  • It provides the real and reliable data.

Cons of UberSuggest

  • It doesn’t give you the information about keyword ranking and competitiveness or search volume.
  • If you want PPC and data search volume, then you need to use another keyword search tool for the power of this.

4- KWFinder (FREE)

It is too good in its job. KWFinder is an excellent tool, and I’ve recently been in love with. It has the free version but for additional features, you need to buy its plan.

How it works.

Just enter your keywords and select the country, language you want to target your related keywords. It finds those keywords which have less competition and easier to rank.

One of the best features of KWFinder search keyword tool is that it shows the graph of the seed keyword that tells you the popularity of your long tail keyword over time.

For example, if I required building a niche site on ‘bridal dress’ so I entered my demanding keyword “bridal dress” in the search bar and set the country the USA and language English. Spontaneously, I got some of the keywords that have enough low competition.

Pros of KWFinder

  • KWFinder is best for budget users.
  • Shows long tail keywords that your competitors can’t find.
  • You can export and import data quickly according to keywords
  • It gives excellent customer support’s chat facility.

Cons of KWFinder

  • Sometimes doesn’t show accurate results.
  • It has no affiliate program.

Note: KWFinder tool will be helpful for the beginners and at the same time it also available for long tail pro keyword tool. One of the greatest features of this tool is the customer support chat facility that gives answers your all question.

5- Keyword Eye (FREE)

Keyword Eye is another keyword research tool that provides a complete suite of keyword research features free.

How it works.

You can also find the related keyword of your seed words after selecting the country and language just like to the tools mentioned above. But, it also can be set to compute or investigate about the exact keywords and its potential too.

You can find the additional research for specific long tail keywords by right-clicking to further research.

Pros of Keyword Eye

  • It shows data in a visual graph.
  • You can get the further research of each keyword for their synonyms, auto-suggests, and check for user search series, etc. without leaving the site.

Cons of Keyword Eye

  • The display where you get keywords is moderately slim.

Wrapping It Up

Most keyword research tools give you a huge number of related keywords, but all keywords are not having worth working on. In the above list of research tools, I have tried to include free versions of the best keyword research tools 2016 in the market.

All of them I used and you should try to use one of your favorite. By using this, you can get a storm of traffic on your site because they give you more hidden keywords that you can use in your stuff. How do you feel now? Share your reviews about the post in the comment box and don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues.