When we come to buying the best smartphone, the first choice can be the hardest, which is better, iOS VS Android. It is not very straightforward or easy, both offer a lot of features, and they may look virtually the same other than brand and price.

iOS VS Android Which Is Better

Finally, you want a new smartphone, but you are confused in Android VS iOS. Here are some information about the iPhones and Android phones. It is android vs apple or android vs iOS.

1- Hardware

iPhone 8 News

If you want to buy iPhone, you have an easier choice other than that if you want to purchase the Android phone. It is tough. That is down Apple tends to sell only three or four various models at any time with 4-in and 5.5-in screen display.

On the other hand, the Android phone is so plentiful that is tough to select the right one. There are a lot of brands you have never heard of.

Is iPhone better than the android phones? No, it is not necessary, because some of the Android phones also have better cameras than iPhones. But others have higher-resolution screens or extra features which you don’t get on iPhones. You can easily buy iPhones with a lot of storage, but not more than 128GB. If you want to buy additional storage, Apple charges a lot. But, in Android phones, you can get extra storage by inserting a microSD card.


iPhone with iOS 10
There are 17 Surprising Things Your iPhone Could Do With iOS 10. The new version of iOS 10 is too awesome and have a lot of new features that are interested.

Android phones have developed in bounds and leaps. It is the point where both iOS and Android are bleary for the best mobile operating system. Of course, this is much strange for those who will always prefer iOS and for those who think Android is best.

Home Screens

iPhone Better than Android

iPone apps all sit on multiple home screens, just as they have always done. You can put them in flexure and search for them, but your home screen can’t be made-to-order. With the Android phone, you have a lot of freedom, and you can make it like iOS. You can shove all your apps in the app plate and leave your home screen to demonstration a beautiful photo if you look-alike to show the weather, world time and many other things on your home screen.


Android phones have Google Now, and iPhones have Siri. Both are working similar, but their capabilities are different. Google Now is not really a virtual subordinate you can have a speech communication with, whereas Siri does at least try. Both assistants you can use to set reminders, alarms, get directions, check cinema times and much more. With these, you can send emails and text messages by using dictation.


iMassege Stickers and Apps for iPhone

It is hard to go through what to call this section, so we called it flexibility. It is about what you can and can’t do. If you are the Android user, then you can install any software from unknown sources, but on in iPhone, you can install just those apps which are available on the App Store in your country.

Security and Privacy

Apple is very popular phone according to your privacy. In short, but there is some data gathering going on. It is not going to throw overboard your data when the FBI comes calling. Google is essentially after your data to make money. So, if you consider privacy, the iPhone is probably the better choice. Android phones can also be secure. As of version 6.0 Marshmallow, full disk encryption was made required, but phones which vessel with earlier variation may not support this.

Android vs iPhone: which is best?

You want to know the answer to this question, but there is no good news. The best depends on your needs and priorities. If you aspire to buy a phone which costs less than Euro 359, then you can choose Android. If you want to control your ecosystem or smart home system, then buy an iPhone.