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Author: Olivia

Money Making App

Money Making Apps For Android 

Now it is a time you find yourself in free time by idling browsing through your smartphone. Using social media and playing games on social network or websites is great, but these activities alone won’t pad your wallet. So you should try to download those apps…

15 SEO Tips and Tricks 2017

15 SEO Tips and Tricks 2017 

In the past few years, SEO landscape has been so many changes. The know-how about the SEO what worked then will work now is necessary for those people who are running an own blog. Today is the day to think about how to improve SEO…

Android VS Apple

iOS vs Android Which Is Better 

When we come to buying the best smartphone, the first choice can be the hardest, which is better, iOS VS Android. It is not very straightforward or easy, both offer a lot of features, and they may look virtually the same other than brand and…

Ruby on Rails vs PHP

Ruby On Rails VS PHP Comparison 

The major thing you want to understand about the technology why you want to select a particular technology. All technologies flourish off the bug community, libraries, applications, and tooling. All business person always try to use a technology that will last for many years on…