In the past few years, SEO landscape has been so many changes. The know-how about the SEO what worked then will work now is necessary for those people who are running an own blog. Today is the day to think about how to improve SEO or what are the SEO best practices for making the website rank high in the Google search results. You must hear about Google’s 200 ranking factors in their algorithm. So, let’s take a look on these 15 SEO tips and tricks 2017 which will help you in the growth of your blog.

Search Engine Optimization is generally an important strategy for improving site content and applying methods to help make rank higher on conventional search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

15 SEO Tips and Tricks 2017

1- Start by Selecting Main Focus Keywords

Whether we like it or not, WordPress’s SEO 2017 are depending on Google’s processed algorithms, as much as it did in last year. Its means is that keywords remain the leading optimization tools and must be included in your content to easygoing readers searching for it on Google. Obviously, you are not needed to be extremely technical but always to write with the reader in mind. Paying full concentration to all of your visitors’ needs and interests. Unlike Yahoo, Bing, and Google will not just rely on keywords that much and may suppose old SEO tricks you may already have used.

2- Tools to Use and How to Use Them

  • Yoast SEO: It can help you find perfect keywords for your type of content. Yoast is most famous and best analyzer for keywords’ density. Their users’ know whether they have optimized own content ample.
  • SEMRush: Another great SEO tool for researching the best keyword which can help you defeat opponents, as it uses the seed word to produce multiple alternatives for it.

3- Using Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are no longer the hot topic in the SEO world. Google and Bing’s algorithms no need this for content ranking, and Yahoo search engine relies on them.

4- Quality over Quantity

The most important trick of SEO which genuinely matters is the quality of your content. Always post things rarely but thoughtfully and try to avoid dramatic length experiments. As compared to old sites newt sites require more to post frequently and also get backlinks to gain traffic and being a part of search engine.

5- Long Tail Keywords

Use of Long tail keywords is best for SEO. Long content will make possible for the search engine to find the long-tail keyword variations, as long as they may be. Most people don’t now the value of long tail keyword because it bring traffic instead of focus keywords. It can help newly launched blog excel in their performance.

6- Social Media

Social Media

Social media is most famous and valuable tools for SEO in 2017. There will no excuse to skip its benefits, so think about it more and as soon as your website becomes active. If most social media backlinks can’t be followed, but they offer precious traffic and help sites rate higher on search engines.

7- Company Website

Newly websites that are not active publishing content day-per-day, we suggest activating the other blog with 3-5 high-quality post within a week. Search engine and crawlers robots like the blog because they help them to understand all about your website.

8- don’t go for the Appears by Crippling Functionality

At the time when you hire a designer or an administrator for the own internet site, be aware and select such person who has adopted SEO considerations. Otherwise, you may end up the new location that can’t index for visitors to find it and engage it.

9- Craze of Mobile App Grows

iMassege Stickers and Apps for iPhone

According to Tech Crunch report, 52% mobile apps account spent their time on online digital media. Another report shows that 89% users spend free time on the online internet. This is the reason more and more businesses planning to explore the benefits of mobile apps.

10- Content Aggregation will get Better & Bigger

Graphic, knowledge, local, maps, news, images, videos, social media and wiki make 85% of Google Search results. All these stats inform that now people look for sources that offer all relevant information about a particular subject at one place.

11- Off-Page SEO Checklist

Setting up your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster account, these will help you to depth analytical insight into own site’s performance and traffic. Submitting your site pages to search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bin boosts your business. Create blog profile on all social media networks.

12- Boost Ranking by Semantic Markup

It can develop your ranking on search engine. Semantic markup means you are telling the search engine bots what your data means and what not.

13- Be Consistent with your Domain

Most important things are to stick to your www or non-www domain name on search engines for better SEO. You should also use 301 redirects actually as it helps to preserve the SEO value of a particular web page, by transferring domain authority and page rank, etc.

14- Create a Responsive Site

Almost all new generation or other people accessing the internet through their smartphones and other devices. It is crucial to designing websites that work across platforms. Recently Google proclaimed that they are tossing to a mobile-first index.

15- Check for Broken Links

Broken links checking is one of the most important SEO tips that you should remember all time that a single broken link can impinge your search engine ranking and serviceability.