Selecting the best language for startup web development is tough. A lot of information you can get about the NodeJS vs Ruby on Rails from the internet world. But none of the information satisfies me. Development is a huge field and also has a lot of languages for website development. In this article, we will explore the comparison between the Ruby on Rails vs Node JS. Many developers are experts in NodeJS and like to work in it. Some are experts in Ruby on Rail and also like to work on it. Below are major pros and cons of both the stacks. Rail is a Framework for Ruby Language, and NodeJS is a Runtime environment for running JavaScript as a server.

NodeJS vs Ruby on Rails which one is the Best for Web Development

Pros of NodeJS

One thing you have to keep in mind different people learn other than through various know-how or ways. So, don’t think there is a one-size-fits answer to how one should learn programming or language.

1- Learning Curve

As the name shows that code in NodeJS is written in JavaScript is easy. Those developers who have experience in front-end development can quickly learn NodeJS. The code of NodeJS is easier to write even for those people who are coming from Java or C/C+ + background.

Ruby on Rail doesn’t have semicolons or brackets that’s why Java or C++ developers are discomfited with.

2- Flexible Project Structure

Ruby on Rail wants a folder structure and particular file. Its developers know that it looks for the archive in specific locations only. They need to have all things in the exact places where they want. If it’s any file move from directory to another Rail go HAVOC.

Other than that, NodJS is very flexible, and as a developer, you can put all your code in just one file or many directories. Node depends on you how you want to manage.

3- No Strict File names

The biggest problem with Ruby is that if you were changing a filename will crash the server. For example, if your controller name in your project is ‘User,’ and Rail will rename the driver file as ‘user_controller.rb,’ Rails will crash. This happens due to the implicit y commodity files by looking up filenames based on its internal logic.

Another hand NodeJs has no limitations or no restriction in file names. You can change your user file name as a user_controller.js or usercontroller.js etc. Node is sufficiently flexible and cool with it. You just need to postulate the file wherever you need to use them.

NodeJs Cons

  • It is not best for processor intensive tasks.
  • The NodeJS API has a habit of changing in backwards-incompatible ways from release to release and frequent changes to your codebase are required to keep things running on the latest version.
  • It is new and hot. There are very few developers in the market for Node.JS.

Recommended NodeJS Book

Pros of Rails

1- Multi-Threaded

Ruby on Rail is multi-threaded in its work as compared to NodeJS which is much better for CPU intensive operations.

Other hands, NodeJS is a single thread which was created for heavy I/O bound applications. It is also great in its domain. When it comes to heavy computing demand, NodeJS is dreadful.

2- No Callbacks

In Ruby framework, all the instructions are executed consecutively. Th CPU waits for the result of the present line commercial activity before jumping over to the next line. Due to this, everybody says that Ruby is a real scripting language.

NodeJS functions asynchronously. Most developers come from another language, and callbacks are something from the dark back.

3- Code Maintenance

Ruby follows the coding formula that makes them simple to go from one developer to the future.

NodeJS can be tricky. You can put your code method in any file you deficiency which can make over problems when returning to your code to some other developer.

Ruby on Rail Cons

  • For Ruby best programming skills are necessary. So, top groove programmers with special pay are required.
  • For larger projects, it is much trickier.
  • Documentation in only for the famous framework.
  • More computing resources are required.
  • Ruby is slow in performance as hell. This works up to the experience of the end user.
  • Ruby has so many layers of abstraction makes debugging a pain.


NodeJS vs Ruby on Rails Comparison

Large companies are Using NodeJS as Compared to Ruby on Rail

Some companies switched from Ruby to Node.JS.

  • New York Times
  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • Uber
  • LinkedIn
  • Hapi
  • Medium