A multi-millions apps are available in the App stores like Google Apps Store or iTune App Store. All video apps or audio Apps gain more popularity due to the users. A lot of phone apps that are attractively designed and offer instantaneous value once downloaded, but discovering them can be tough. I love the use of apps just using my email account.

10 Phone Apps and Services That Don’t Exist

1- Flud

Flud Phone Apps

Flud is the best Android App in the internet market. The new version sports a clean substantial comes and interface with no speed limits for downloads or uploads. It has sports commodity features such as particular file downloading and high status, magnet link influence, sequential downloading assistance and a Wi-Fi only model.

2- Card Crawl

Card Crawl Phone Apps

It is a fast-playing gem card game that is all about blessing and risk. As a person creeping through a dungeon, you must shuffle it out of a keep alive moving as much loot as you can carry, time fighting your way done a family of monsters. In each round, you are dealt a spread of four cards, which can be gold, equipment like swords shields and portable, which deal impairment to you inferior you use instrumentality to take them out.

3- Happify

Happify Phone Apps

With Happify App, you focus on building your effective stupidity to create a positive mindset on life. Through short mini-games, guided meditations, quizzes, and other activities. Happify aims to reinforce “happiness skills” such as gratefulness, giving, fellow feeling, and tranquillity.

4- InstaWifi

InstaWifi Phone Apps

instaWifi is an app that can help you to connect and share your wifi connection with your family individuals and friends by using the use of QR codes and NFC. Simply faucet your phone on a spikelet, or scan a QR code to connect to wifi.

5- Super Beam

Super Beam Phone Apps

SuperBeam is the fastest and easiest way to share large files between Android smartphones by using Wifi direct. You may pair your devices also by suing QR codes or NFC if your devices support it.

6- Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything Phone Apps

Reddit’s daily Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions features community took interviews of notable people such as politicians, scientists, actors, and many other people with different personalities from Peter Dinklage, Barck Obama, and more in online interviews where Redditors ask them anything. The official App allows users to take part in live AMAs.

7- Twitch

Twitch Phone Apps

The Twitch app allows anyone to watch recorded and live streams of just of every video game under the sun, of the latest MOBA and sports events to indie hits. First person shooters and strategy games, all played by inexpert and professionals. With this app, you view streams from your favored mobile device.

8- Unclouded

Unclouded Phone Apps

It is a neat cloud storage establishment tool that allows the states to view inside information of multiple cloud depot accounts quickly. Users can get fast breakdowns of how much space they are using in each account, consider how much different storage categories of record use.

9- Flynx

Flynx Phone Apps

Flynx is a best pop-up style browser innovator by LinkBubble, and Quickly has seen a lot of improvement. As with other pop-up browsers, flynx pre-load links in the background with a light on-screen indicator while continue operational your other apps without debility your time observation pages load.

10- Helium – App Backup & Sync

Helium Phone Apps

Helium is an excellent App – App Sync & Backup is ClockworkMod’s good entry into the mobile backup app space. Unrooted users will have to install an extra desktop app to work wth the smartphone app when plugged into a PC.