Most people think that blog post idea is one of the toughest parts for a Blogger and it is 100% true. Blogging is a purpose of increasing market share, consumer engagement, ROI, and revenue growth. And everybody wants to do that. Content is the foundation of what we do and what we give to our audience. Apart from this, the constant pressure we feel is coming up new title after new title. Getting fresh idea can be really terrible for us. How to start a blog and blogging for beginners are actually tough for the newborn in this industry.

While one of the best parts of blogging topics for beginners, we have got free range of blog about what we want and come up with our own topics, this can be very time to consume. So as a newborn in this field, we want to work smarter, not harder. Here I give you a big list of blog post ideas that you can use for your new blog and other schemes – if you’ve them.

How to start a blog with new topics for beginners

1- Use a Free Tool

I share my experience, when I read content from another blogger, I would like to start flowing then. A headline generator is as good to use for the new title. There are a lot of different headline generators some of them are HubSopt’s generator, Tweak Your Biz or SEOPressor. All of them work differently but give you fantastic results.

2- Go Through Your Archive

Can you imagine, your archive is the place where all the sorcerous happens and is the best point to come up with blog post ideas. The best way to so this, is to do with your most relevant posts. You impoverishment to find these in Google Analytic and analyze them. You do on those post which is most popular on your blog throughout the season. What you want to do new is go direct your top five of all time.

It might base writing a follow-up post or pickings each sub-heading and bountiful its own post. But it is always great to go through your previous posts to see if you can add any new cognition or orientation.

3- Keep Tabs on your Competitors

Don’t think this is a wrong way because best bloggers always grab ideas from their competitors or another blog which they like to read. For example, with my this blog, I have a category of SEO, and when I read an article about SEO at, I automatically think, this is something that would fit on my blog. Other than that, I read a lot of blog about fashion, writing, blogging, and freelancing –  I look many articles and think, I can write a post on that topics. It is not a wrong way because we all do it.

4- Read Posts about your Blog

As Blogger you must know about the top trends which are related to the category you blog about. It is beneficial for you to learn new skills and let you how to come up with new ideas that will attract to your audience. For example, I always try to keep up to date with social media network as possible. So always try to read at lease two posts from these blogs:

  • Shoutmeloud
  • HubSopt
  • Forbes

Whether you are a beauty blogger, SEO blogger, Lifestyle blogger and something else, there you always finding some new and good reading material in your field.

5- Turn an Infographic or Slideshow into a Blog Post

Head to Pinterest and find for infographics and loads will appear. Find one in one of the categories in the own blog and use it to inspire a blog post for your visitors.

6- Do an Action Plan

Everybody including us want to learn new things on the internet. How to write a post that is the most regular thing on the web for a reason. If you are the good writer and successful at what you do, your reader will want to know how you have achieved these things.

7- Use Your Hobbies

The most important things as a blogger are that we live in who we are – more we do and enjoy in own life and more we can fill our blog with. What are your hobbies and how you can get inspiration from others to create blog posts? Walking, reading magazines, playing music, watching films, cooking, and crafts – if you think about it enough for you can use elements of your hobbies to write post ideas for the own blog.

8- Get On Quora

Quora is the best tool that will save your time as much as a blogger when it comes to content ideas. Usually, it is a big platform where different people from the whole world can ask questions about their problems and everything. You lack to find the category of your blog about and add them to your feed.

As a blogger, I follow the categories related to my own blog like social media, SEO, marketing, and blogging, etc. After that, you go through every type and see what questions people are asking. You can also just use the search bar to type in a keyword and achieve ideas from it. The feature is that you can be filming questions that people post there to know the answer and you can also use them for your blog post.

9- Do a Reveal Post

Made an actual and exciting post – start your own project or blog. Got complete information blog about. Share your experiences with your readers. Doing this perfectly and lets people in on who you are and what you enjoy – display the what you are fascinated in. You can repeat this process with a monthly review of how blogging has gone related to your past month.

10- Ask A Question on Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are the greatest places for asking questions. Don’t worry about hearing crickets because someone always will answer your question. You can also use their feedback that you get on your question to create one or two blog post ideas.

11- Show Things from your Real Life

Showing thing from real life is a something that most bloggers were doing a lot. It might be funny stories related to your pets, family members and holidays you have been or think generally you get up to at the weekend. All these things can be turned into content that your visitors or readers will be love to read / interested in.

12- Add Recipes

Recipes about different types of food are a great way to get traffic to your blog. There is always a modern diet fad, or there are always new recipes to be discovered.

13- Interviews

The best way to set yourself aside from the river of bloggers is to get sensibility from the industry experts. Whether, it is with your own team or from other sectors, set up interviews on websites like to gain blue-chip knowledge from an occupational group.

14- Activism and Charity

Such type of activism or charitable actions, events you help should be blogged about. Charitable or crowdfunding websites like as IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe are best for getting ideas. The appeal to the good in people and showing you are active in such type of communities can build your readership.

15- People Features

Select the featuring of the chosen people, professionals, leaders, customers, and authorities, etc. is an excellent way to add character to your blog and make sense of links. Humans of New York is a most famous blog which does this nowadays.

16- Products Reviews

Product reviews are not only best for drawing traffic on your own blog, but they also best for a revenue stream for bloggers. This is the best activity for you if you want to monetize your blog frequently with a smart move. By connecting to product pages with affiliate links like Shopify affiliates, you can legalize a blog almost entirely on product reviews. Act you go niche, since this supply the greatest platform for expertise and credibility.

17- Sourced News

The easiest and reliable way to get traffic on your blog is to get media attention with any type of sourced news. Along before the internet, newspapers subordinated the roost and sourced news is still gratifying by news junkies. With the certain type of selection and curation, commentary, and selection, this is the niche you can act upon.

18- Gifs and Memes

Memes and Gifs were not just listicles, which made Buzzfeed so famous – are widely used on the sites nowadays. This gives people more experience about the video and generally offers a ton of entertainment.

19- Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart and connected devices are most famous everywhere these days. The IoT experts blogging about the internet of things to get readers on your blog. When you select the IoT niche, you will have to prove your mastery of the subject matter. The slot is complete with people who know what’s up or new.

20- Contest

The contest is another great way to get people interest in a blog while rewarding audience or readers. When, it is a bad rap as being cheap or scammy, but they are on their way back as a valuable traffic-driving technique.

21- Productivity Tips

People always try to do more faster and look out fro tools, tips, or technology to help them get more done. Productivity tips are best and work as bread and butter for many online blogs.

22- Funny stores

Funny stories will always be a place for humor in this world present. That posts make people laugh get more shared and like on social media networks. Why, The Onion, Clickhole, Buzzfeed, and BoredPanda are the world most popular websites, the reason is that these share funny stories.

23- Parenting Tips

Parenting tips are also appreciated because of parents around of us. Blogging moms have conversation and conferences approximately the country. Training people to follow in their treads and growing a sustainable industry. Dad bloggers are also getting their own popularity and right places of information.

24- Gift Ideas

Blogs around the internets world are preparing holidays gift guides to help guide consumers to the right presents to buy for their colleagues, family, and friends during the holiday season. Affiliate links can help you to generate revenue for these posts.

25- Respond to Readers

People have always been involved in getting advice from publications, whether it comes from the old information house or new. Readers meet you a real person having a real conversation. It allows you to address individual concerns to prove you care.