Every business needs substantial investment to produce the quality products and services in the market and classifying to stay significant. Similar to this, a well-designed website for business can give you that modest edge and make you the favorite of everyone.

On the internet world, mediocracy can be mocked and punished. And your business reputation can be ruined or built overnight. A website in the web world is your home, and a business site represents your products or services know-how and project confidence.

A well-designed website will convey your business well and do this with premium WordPress themes those won’t break the bank.

What is a Premium WordPress Theme?

The simplest definition of premium WordPress Theme is “costs money.” If your favorite theme is not free, its mean it is premium. There is no hard and fast rule or certificate that designated theme is premium.

Anyone can design a WordPress theme, brand it as premium and offer it for sale. But WordPress premium themes will have been built by professional web designers.

Why should you Buy a Premium WordPress Themes?

WordPress, content management system, is free to use. But if you think, you can get everything free to make profits from your website or blog; your thinking is wrong.

We know that we have to invest money in business before making money. Same as, any online business first takes money to make money.

Free WordPress themes don’t give more appealing and attractive look to your site because they are jumbled, and loading speed is very slow as compared to premium WordPress themes.

If you use free WordPress themes and lose your data due to some crappy coding, you can’t blame anyone. You will also lose your time, money and energy that you’ve put into building successful blogs.

This is the most primary reason why you should use premium WordPress themes over free WordPress themes. With that in memory, let’s consider a look at 5 signs you should invest in WordPress premium themes.


1- Security

Did you know that hackers always search the websites that use Free WordPress themes?

Yes – it is true.

Because hackers know the all week point that they can get easy access to the sites that use free WordPress themes. I’m sure you want to secure your websites. So don’t use the free and cheap theme for your site.

You can’t rely on free WordPress themes for a secure site because mostly free and cheap themes are inserted with malicious code that can be a massive security threat for WordPress themes.

Most newbies think by using free theme they can save their site life, but it is not.

If you decide you make money online then invest on your site design first and secure your site from the hackers.

You can avoid the security issues by using the premium WordPress themes. So, don’t try to save money if you want to make money online. First, you should invest, then you can earn.

2- Quality

If you select a WordPress premium theme, you can expect a product that is of superior quality. But a free item can’t give this quality. You can expect something more exclusive from the premium theme.

WordPress Premium Themes Quality

If you fancy to make your blog unique or stand out from the crowd, you must use premium theme because a free item won’t do this.


Because a lot of other blogs will already be using that same theme, for example, you take a clean and attractive Twenty Eleven design that also be used by over 400,000 other blogs.

You can imagine compliance design. Web standards are changing as the browser capabilities we use. A premium theme is remote more possible to be designed with current web standards in mind.

You can expect responsive design. Because nowadays, people are accessing your site on different devices and it is vital to certify your site useful across multiple platforms. You can buy a premium theme that specially designed with responsive design.

If you purchase a premium theme from a reputable source for the security of a product quality they give you and any free theme does not give you such type of security.

3- Updates and Functionality

WordPress Premium Themes Update

If you are using the free theme of WordPress, then no one can guarantee that when WordPress launch the new version of plugins, your theme will be able to support the new version, which can source your website to breakdown. You have two options in free WordPress themes:

  • Don’t update WordPress. Due to this, you can leave your site visible to security breaks, and you’ll miss out new features.
  • Start again with a brand new theme. This will take lots of time.

No one option is right for you. Other than that, you can come across different problems with being compatibility with PHP, CSS, and HTML too and all are vital to making your site well-designed.

The premium themes are designed with core code and a lot of functionality, which otherwise you would have to look for in plugins. It is superior to have in your theme, so when the new version was updating it, you don’t need to worry about its compatibility with all of your plugins.

4- Support

If you use free WordPress theme and search for help when you are in trouble with blog’s design – it is not coming with a great support network at the time. There will sometimes be your blog’s go unwisely, however, playing with your CSS code. You can’t cover this problem without the access to any customer support.

But, when you come with the premium theme, you get appropriate help from knowledgeable theme designers. With premium theme when things go wrong, you don’t need to worry about it because your theme developers and customer support team will take care of the things.

5- Search Engine Friendly

Most of the WordPress themes are not search engine friendly by default. Because WordPress developers require lots of work hard to make them search engine friendly. And they try to make them able to increase organic traffic on your site.

This is the primary reason why most blogs that use free or cheap WordPress theme won’t have traffic from different search engines like Bing and Google.

Did you know search engine traffic is the lifeblood of any profitable online business?

If you think, you run an online business without organic traffic you’re wrong and can’t get any sales, leads or traffic. By using the search engine friendly theme, you won’t only increase your traffic, but you are giving a better involvement to your website visitors.

Research the Industry and Catch Your Website Needs

Before choosing or purchasing your WordPress theme, you must analyze popular sites related to your industry. If you don’t know which type of design you required for your website, it can be tough to know what to look for.

Take a pen and note write down what other sites in your industry are using and then write what you like. Did video focus theme? Large headers or footers? Or Lots of white spaces? Get inspired and make a list of what you like.

If you are Going Premium, Consider These Things

If you decide to invest in WordPress premium themes, here are few necessary things you should know.

  • Check its customer support, because you need their help when your site design is in trouble.
  • Responsive Design
  • Check Themes loading time because site speed matters a lot. Use their free trail to see how their theme looks in real time.
  • Check they have a refund policy or not.
  • Check they have a blog and are doing consistent updates or not. This is essential because before purchasing themes, you’ll get to know their quality.

As with many things in life, you pay. But what about you? You are free to theme users or premium theme users. If you’re free theme user, are you happy to bomb out a few faults to get all of the further benefits mentioned above?

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