Most people when reading an article and find it informative they want to know ‘who is the writer?’

I also precede this process, and I’m sure the vast community of you do that too. If the reader is not like to connect with the author but they just liked to read their bio.

Many of the WordPress blogs have author box at the end of the post. So that’s why it is becoming most popular to have author box in author blog.

But, most of you already know about the author box, and some newbies bloggers miss out to operate such a vital element in their blog.

If you are newbies and, don’t have author box on your blog. Don’t worry many plugins easily add an author box to your blog, but I’ve compiled a list of 5 best author box plugins for WordPress websites with many great features.

The author bio is the great way to reward writers for their excellent work by giving them proper glory and add their bio with writer’s website or social profile links. If you are interested in adding author bios, you’ll be glad to know that I’m helping you with these WordPress authors bio plugins.


1- Starbox

Starbox is planned with attractive design, HTML5 and joined Google and Facebook authorship. It’s aimed at creating Author box for human, not for search engines.

Human loves nature more than other things. So, that’s why you’ll get author box that offers a full detail author bio including common social media platforms profile links.

If you dislike the author widget, you can quickly pick another theme from the widget settings. As I mentioned above, the plugin is joined Google and Facebook authorship, and it will become spectacle rich snippets in the Google search results.

You can be placed author box at the bottom or top of the post. One box theme permits a slide down author box at the head of the post, so the box remains veiled if the arrow alongside the author’s name is clicked. The author can upload a custom image for the author box.

Starbox Author Box Plugins

2- Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is a fully active plugin for your website. It is the breathtaking and lightweight plugin that will add the author box at the end of a post.

It might be your first choose because it is offering you the place of author name, bio description, and different social media accounts icons, where your author adds their social media profile links for more detail about themselves.

You can easily handle it from the settings. With Simple Author Box plugin, the author box will display by default at the end of the post, but you can change its place by allowing the feature in the settings section.

It is fully customizable, and you can select the font family, size, and color according to yourself. You can hide the author box if the author explanation in empty.

Simple Author Box Plugins

3- Meks Smart Author Widget

Meks Smart Author Widget is a very simple plugin where author display owns description by using a simple widget. After installing, you’ll catch a new widget with title ‘Meks Smart Author’ in the appearance > widgets page.

The plugin also offers you auto author detection features that will automatically display the author info from the profile. Meks Smart Author widget plugin also lets you pick the avatar size, show author name, and description.

It also enables you to add links to all posts of the author and link the author name and avatar. You can also perform it more attractive with customs CSS styles. If you want to make author box without social media icons, it is a perfect author box plugin.

Meks Smart Author Widget Author Box Plugins

4- Fanciest Author Box

Fanciest Author Box is retina-ready great author bio plugin for WordPress website by ThematoSoup. It has a lot of impressive features that gives author box to your single or multi-author WordPress blog.

The plugin lets you select custom color arrangements for the author box. If you want to improve your blog functionality and conversion rates, you should install Fanciest Author Box.

Its premium version is reached with advanced features and customizable plus easy to use. After installing the Fanciest Author Box plugin, bio is by default allowed in all posts, custom posts, and pages. You can hide or remove author box where you don’t want to show.

Fanciest Author Box Plugins

5- WP Author Box

WP Author Box is a responsive design that has Facebook and Google authorship, also has customization options. You can be added to the top, bottom or both positions in the post.

Its premium version offers more advanced and exciting features. It has an option to add unlimited tabs that can mean more information about an author.

The plugin is fully compatible with Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 etc. you can make communication easy with the author directly with these contact forms.

You can hide the author box on specific posts or pages. With the help of CSS features, you’ll be able to modify the look of the Author Box.

WP Author Box Plugins

Wrapping Up

The features of almost all author box plugins are similar, but design or function standpoint has some change. The best way to find the right author box plugin depends on what features you locate the author box.

For example, some of you want social network icons, and some of you want design’s flexibility and responsiveness. No matter what you prefer, you should always check the reviews of the plugins because authors are essential to websites and blogs.

Which service do you use? If you use any of this plugin, please share your experience with us and help other people who are green in this field. If you think I’ve missed any author box plugin, which is awesome let me know that. I’ll be happy to know your opinion.