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Author: Olivia


How to Write a Web Design Proposal 

Everybody have not the ability of web designer or developer, but those have an interest that must create a beautiful web design. If you’ve interest, you become a web designer and create an excellent website and application with the help of web design proposal. The…

Generating money from your website is a very large plat form of earing.

4 Ways to Generate Money From Your Website 

Everybody wants success in life, and they follow many strategies that may help them to become a successful person. And if I talked about a business man that run a product or service based business. If you’re that person, then you’ll most likely have a website…

These little touch-screen slabs ‘Apple iPhone's’ are making new sale records in this year. Apple’s iPhone sales best days are behind it and ahead it also...

Apple’s iPhone Sales Defy Physics 

iPhone sale becomes a support of company earnings periods. Apple Company takes the public interest for a day to account record periodical gains, an unusual set of statistics that demonstrates its iPhone creates up nearly two-thirds of revenues more of profits. Apple’s iPhone sales persist…